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Whilst it might be true that your bank can do you a good deal, the advantage of a mortgage broker is that they are not paid to sell a particular product.

Because of this they can offer you independence and find you the best deal in the market after assessing your specific needs.

In addition to this it is in the broker’s best interests to proactively manage your mortgage on a regular basis to keep you abreast of the best deals in the market, whereas a Bank would prefer to treat your mortgage as a “set and forget” and react to your requests.

I have over 20 years’ experience working in financial services.

As a result of this I understand what the Banks will do, and I can save you time by doing the running around the Banks’ for you to find you the loan that meets your particular circumstances.

I will also tell you frankly whether the outcomes you want are achievable and then work towards a solution.

We can even help people who have credit impairment as a result of negative Veda reports.

The majority of people who have large credit card debts have done this to obtain points. The problem is that the Banks have to pay for these points and the only way to do this is to charge exorbitant interest rates.

It becomes cyclical for the borrower.

They max the credit card out and then pay the minimum amount every month and have a credit card that could outlast their lifetime.

The best solution is to cut the card up and transfer this to either a low interest credit card or a personal loan. You then have to remain diligent and pay the loan off in a specific time.

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