Financial Consulting Services

Banking Tenders and Annual Reviews

Are you that you are you getting the best deal in terms of service and price from your bank? Have you considered going out to market to find a different financial institution who will better meet the requirements of you and your business? Or do you simply want to renegotiate terms and conditions with your existing bank? Profunding has worked with clients to undertake a tender process and to assist with the annual review process that banks undertake to ensure the customer gets what it needs in terms of structure, facilities, service and price.

Financial Crisis Management

Profunding can support you in good times and in bad times. As companies ride out market changes and the general ups and downs of their business, there may be times when you need to meet with us to talk through your financial situation. By engaging Profunding early we can liaise with financiers on your behalf to give you the optimum chance of riding out the storm.

Strategic Negotiation

From time to time you need someone on your side, acting as a liaison point between you and your bank. We will listen to you, identify the financial issues at hand and talk to your bank about remedial options. If you don’t know how to approach your bank on any issue – business or personal – call us to discuss.

Work Out Solutions

Are you at risk of defaulting on a loan? Are you under pressure to sell your property to meet the bank’s demands? We can work with you and your bank to help you uncover a short term solution to assist you in meeting your loan repayments. Don’t delay, call Profunding as soon as you realise your present loan terms and conditions are not working for you.

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Financial Consulting Services